“Having graduated from the University of Southampton, England with an MEng in Computer Science in 2009, and completed a 10 month leadership course at Soul Survivor Watford church, I have now returned to Southampton to begin a PhD investigating programming paradigms to empower architectural optimizations over multiprocessor systems”. 10/10/2010

This is my personal website featuring my blog, past projects, and some (hopefully) useful pieces of software I’ve developed.

Blog, with news, and miscellaneous thoughts and reflections.

It also includes various essays, assignments and projects I did whilst studying Computer Science aswell as some other bits and pieces I’ve  done in my spare time. It just seemed like such a waste leaving all that work on my hard drive so I thought, in my rather free spirited way, “why not stick it online incase it will help someone else out?”. So thats what I’ve done.

Papers, articles, essays and reports I’ve written:

Projects, and bits of software I’ve written: