3D Underwater World (using OpenGL and SDL)

Copyright Tristan Aubrey-Jones January 2008.

This is an example OpenGL SDL application which creates an animated 3D underwater world (screenshot), with "Thunderbird 4" with headlights moving on a spline path, a randomly generated sand terrain, sunken ship/submarine/treasure chest models, and swaying fish and seaweed. It is designed to demonstrate basic OpenGL features, and the structure is as follows:

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   win fileMakefile.win
   dll fileSDL.dll
   dll fileSDL_image.dll
   db fileThumbs.db
   cpp fileclipping.cpp
   h fileclipping.h
   dev filecwk3.dev
   exe filecwk3.exe
   layout filecwk3.layout
   h filecwk3_private.h
   rc filecwk3_private.rc
   error_log fileerror_log
   cpp filefish.cpp
   jpg filefish0.jpg
   jpg filefish1.jpg
   jpg filefish2.jpg
   jpg filefish3.jpg
   jpg filefish4.jpg
   cpp filegame.cpp
   h filegame.h
   h fileglobal.h
   jpg filegold00.jpg
   txt filehelp.txt
   dll filejpeg.dll
   dll filelibpng12-0.dll
   dll filelibtiff-3.dll
   cpp filemain.cpp
   cpp fileprimitives.cpp
   h fileprimitives.h
   txt filereadme.txt
   cpp fileregulargrid.cpp
   h fileregulargrid.h
   jpg filesand02.jpg
   JPG filescreenshot.JPG
   cpp fileseaweed.cpp
   cpp filesplines.cpp
   h filesplines.h
   cpp filestaticobjects.cpp
   cpp fileterrain.cpp
   h fileterrain.h
   cpp filetextures.cpp
   h filetextures.h
   cpp filevectors.cpp
   h filevectors.h
   cpp filevehicleobject.cpp
   cpp fileworld.cpp
   h fileworld.h
   cpp fileworldobjects.cpp
   h fileworldobjects.h
   dll filezlib1.dll