3D Underwater World (using OpenGL and SDL)

Copyright Tristan Aubrey-Jones January 2008.

This is an example OpenGL SDL application which creates an animated 3D underwater world (screenshot), with "Thunderbird 4" with headlights moving on a spline path, a randomly generated sand terrain, sunken ship/submarine/treasure chest models, and swaying fish and seaweed. It is designed to demonstrate basic OpenGL features, and the structure is as follows:


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(C) Tristan Aubrey-Jones (taj105) 2008

Press  and  to turn,  to speed up
and  to slow down,  to increase elevation,
and  to decrease it, and  to stop.

Press H to view this help.
Press Q or  to Quit.
Press P to view the picture location.
Press T to view the tour, and E to end it.
Press R to reset all animation (and the tour).